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 Plan Ahead Summer Fall 2015Planning Ahead Newsletter

Number 60, Summer / Fall 2015

In this issue:

    • Greenwich’s Treasured Parks by Betty Condon
    • Greenwich United Way READING CHAMPIONS
    • Spotlight on Summer Concerts
    • TechLounge at the Greenwich Senior Center by Betty Condon

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Spring 2015:  Get to Know Your Food: Go Local – Eating locally grown food has become a big trend in recent years.  Local food is a wonderful way to support small businesses and regional farmers and has a smaller environmental impact. Read this and much more…

Winter 2014/15: Chase Away the Winter Blues – As the days grow shorter and the holidays near, some of us find ourselves falling into a slump. But, there’s no need to despair! There are countless activities and resources in the Greenwich area to occupy your body and soul. and much more…

Summer/Fall 2014: Spring Cleaning? Donating Tips – Community Answers shares tips, Organizations and links that help you find where your gently used items are needed.

Spring 2014 Articles: United Way & CA Merges; Holiday Donation and Volunteer Opportunities; and United Way Celebrates 80 years of Leadership & Impact with a New Video and much more…

Summer / Fall 2013 Summer on Long Island Sound in Greenwich and much more…

Spring 2013  Course: Grandparenting 101

Fall/Winter 2012/13  Learn how to get the most out of Community Answers’ new Website.

Summer 2012 “Water, Water Everywhere, Nor any drop to drink”

Spring 2012 …I’m the Taxman Coming

Fall 2011 Single Stream Recycling Comes to Greenwich

Summer 2011 Coming from Community Answers: A New Website and How We Got There

Spring 2011 The Arts in Greenwich

Fall 2010 Early Childhood Education in Greenwich

Summer 2010 Summer is Here – What’s Going On at the Point?

Spring 2010 Meals-On-Wheels Celebrates 50 Years of Service

Fall 2009 Seeking Jobs, Finding Training

Summer 2009 Keeping Fit On A Budget

Spring 2009 Giving Doesn’t End with the Holidays!

Fall 2008 Green … and Cool

Summer 2008 At Home in Greenwich

Spring 2008 THE GREENWICH LIBRARY, An Amazing Resource

Fall 2007 Our Treasured Trees

Spring 2007 Sail Into Spring

Fall 2006 Call Community Answers

Winter 2005 Managing Busy Lives: Multi-Tasking Women

Fall 2004 Greenwich Senior Services

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