Our FAQs are divided into 2 sections:

Answers about using our Website:

  • I tried text search and could not find what I was looking for. Try different text phrases or use the browsing method for organizations or events . TIP: read our  Search Tips for suggestions.
  • If I don’t find an answer, how can CA help?  You can call between 9:00 -3:00 pm on any weekday or you can use our Need More Help Form. A staff member will respond within one business day.
  • How to submit a Town Event? Under the Submit option on our Home page, there is an Submit Event form.
  • How to buy tickets to an event?  If the listed event has an online ticket option, a link or website will be provided on the event listing.
  • How to submit or edit an organization listing to the database?- Under the Submit option on our Home page, there is an Submit/Edit Organization form.
  • I found a problem using your website, what should I do? Thank you for helping us correct our information. Please use our Report a Problem form.
  • The formatting of your information is looking odd, how can I correct this?  Our site is designed to work with Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox, Chrome and most mobile devices. Please use our Report a Problem form. TIP: If you are using Internet Explorer 8, try viewing the site in “Compatibility View” by clicking on Tools–> Compatibility View. TIP: If using Firefox or Chrome try resizing the view by holding Ctrl key down and trying “+” or “-“.
  • How can I stay informed of new events? You can subscribe to the Events RSS feed.
  • I am a service provider. What are the requirements for listing with CA? Our emphasis is on providing information about nonprofit organizations, the services they provide, and the events they sponsor. We try to avoid listing businesses, but do so in certain cases where the public seem to have difficulty finding what they want. We do not list individual people, except for our elected government officials. We serve people who live and work in Greenwich. (When we can find no resource in Greenwich, we list the nearest regional one.)

About Community Answers, Inc.

  • What is Community Answers : Free Information & Referrals Service in Greenwich, CT connecting residents with health and human services in the community,  and listing  Town Events on their Calendar.
  • How does it work : Information can be accessed via the website through keyword or phrase search Or When you call CA (203-622-7979), you will talk to a trained volunteer who has access to a comprehensive database listing of  over 1300 health and human services that offer their services in your community. The needs of the caller and the resources available is matched.
  • What Information is available:
    • ANIMALS: removal, shelter, training
    • CALENDAR/EVENTS: events in Greenwich
    • CHILDREN: childcare, camps, programs
    • CONSUMER: do not call list, complaints, BBB
    • DONATIONS: books, toys, food, clothes, furniture, household goods etc.
    • EDUCATION: schools, literacy, continuing education
    • EMPLOYMENT: job search ,counseling
    • ENVIRONMENT: conservation, recycling, pollution
    • GOVERNMENT: taxes, officers, agency, licenses
    • GROUPS: cultural, service
    • HEALTH: alcohol, abuse, drugs, mental health
    • HOUSING: rentals, subsidized housing
    • LEGAL SERVICES: Pro-Bono or subsidized referrals
    • MEETING PLACES: parties, room rentals
    • RECREATION: sports, parks, lessons
    • RELIGION: churches, synagogues, temples, mosques
    • SENIORS: clubs, programs, services
    • SUPPORT GROUPS: self-help, meetings
    • TOURISM: Maps (reference only), Trip ideas, Seasonal Information
    • TRANSPORTATION: handicapped, bus service, ferries, taxis, train
    • VOLUNTEERS: opportunities
    • . . . or any information about the Greenwich community
  • Can anyone call CA?   Anyone looking for information or assistance to identify the services best suited to meet his or her needs is eligible to call. Case managers, church leaders, employers, teachers or other agencies calling on behalf of their clients, members, employees or students are also welcome.
  • Do I have to pay for the call?  No, the service is free.
  • What is our relationship to United Way and the Town of Greenwich? CA is a United Way Agency and receive 20% of our funding from the Gr. United Way. Our office space is donated and is located in the main Gr. Library.
  • How is CA funded? 20% of our funding we receive from Gr. United way and the rest of our operating budget we raise through fundraising events, selling advertisement space in our publications and website, and generous donations from the community.
  • If someone needs non-emergency help, what should they do?  Call CA between 9-3 M-F or go on our website. CA is a free information and referral service. The database includes over 2,000 Organizations and Events ranging from legal assistance to recycling information to family counseling and much more! Trained Volunteers can help you find the services that meet your individual needs.
  • How do you collect and update information in your database? The database is updated frequently. Our information and referral specialists continually check resources and contacts to verify changes and ensure that our data is accurate and up-to-date. If you see any information in our database which you believe is incorrect, please contact us.
  • Disclaimer: Community Answers cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or for the quality of the organizations or events listed on this site. Community Answers has no liability for any damages related to the use of its databases.
  • How can I Volunteer with CA?  No experience necessary. Volunteers are trained in different aspects of our service delivery. You can complete a Volunteer form or call 203-622-7998 to set up a training session. Flexible 3 hr shifts are available on weekdays.
  • How do I get a copy of one of your Publications? All our publications are available online under Publications. We have a few printed copies available for pickup at our offices in the main Greenwich Library.
  • If I want to be included in your publications, who do I contact? Use the Submit button on our home page.
  • What is the cost of advertising my Organization or Event as on your site? Please call (203) 622-7916 or e-mail communityanswers@greenwichlibrary.org to inquire about advertisement rates.
  • How can I be “featured” on your Home Page? Please e-mail communityanswers@greenwichlibrary.org


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